2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China 
Brand Name:KS ENERGY

Model Number:KS12003 

Composed Type:4S20P 


Battery type:Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah Bluetooth 
life cycle:3000 times

Warranty:5 years, 3years 
Application:Toys, Power Tools, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, BOATS, Golf Carts, SUBMARINES, Electric Folklifts, electric vehicles, Electric Wheelchairs, Electric Power Systems, Solar Energy Storage Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Battery Size:12v 100Ah 

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Lithium battery

2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah

Bluetooth12V 100ah lithium ion battery is new environmentally friendly backup power system focus on short-time and high-rate discharge scenarios.The environmentally friendly lithium ion battery configured with high-performance BMS, has a wide range of performance and application advantages compared with conventional battery.

2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah

2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah

Basic Specification

ItemsItems Parameter
BatteryType LiFePO4
NominalVoltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Energy 1.28KWh
InternalResistance ≤20mΩ
Series&ParallelApplication upto4series4parallelconnectedapplication
LimitedChargeVoltage 14.6±0.2V
FloatingChargeVoltage 13.8±0.2V
ChargeMethod CC/CV
DischargeCut-offVoltage 10.0V
StandardChargeCurrent 60A
Max.ChargeCurrent 80A
StandardContinuousDischargeCurrent 80A
Max.ContinuousDischargeCurrent (<30min) 100A
PulseDischargeCurrent(<3s) 350A
CycleLife >3000cycles
Dimension (mm) Length: 323±2Width: 171±2Height: 232±2
Weight 15.5±0.2Kg
Charge Temperature Range 0~45℃
Discharge Temperature Range -20~60℃
RecommendedOperatingTemperature 15~35℃
Self-DischargeRate (Residualcapacity) ≤3%/month;≤15%/years
Self-DischargeRate (Reversiblecapacity) ≤1.5%/month;≤8%/years
StorageTemperature&HumidityRange (Lessthan1month) -20~35℃,45~75%RH
StorageTemperature&HumidityRange (Lessthan3months) -10~35℃,45~75%RH
Recommended StorageTemperature&HumidityRange 15~35℃,45~75%RH


1.It is high integrated with less installationspace

2.Long life cycle, >3000 times at 80% DOD

3.It without heavy metals and environment friendly

4.Maintenance free,there is no memory effect

5.Internal BMS with full protection,battery has highvoltage protection with higher reliability


2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah


Passed the below abuse and safety test-short-circuit, dropping, nail penetration, impact, crush, thermal shock, over-charge,over-discharge: no fire, no explosion with stable chemical structure.
2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah


1.Energy Storage
–Solar-Wind Power System / City Grid (On/Off) / Community and Family
2.Back-up System and UPS
–Telcom Base / CATV system / Computer Server Center / Medical Instrumnt / Military Equipment
3.Other Applications
–Security and Electronics / Mobile POS, Mining Lihgt / Torch / LED Light / Emergency Light
–RV Motorhome /Golf Carts Battery / Boat Marine Yachts / Electric Skateboard
–LED Backup / Engine Starting Battery,etc.


1.Experience–More than 12 years Specialized in lithium battery, Gold Supplier on Alibaba.
2.Certification–CE,MSDS,Test Report from National Center For Quality Supervision and Inspection of Battery Products approved.
3. Quality Control– 37 production process,7 steps quality check to promise stable quality and high reliability for you.
4. Best Material– Insist on choosing top quality cell, material and accessories,lithium battery last longer time.
5. Fresh battery– All battery is fresh Production.

2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah


KS ENERGY is focused on manufacturing, R&D and sales forsafeLithium battery and solutions. With the registration and certification of CE, SGS, ROHS.Striving to grow into a global leading lithium battery supplier, KS ENERGY has been working hard on researching and developing new process technology to make our lithium battery more affordable and able to meet the rapidly growing market demands.

2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah

Through years development and experienced international sales team in Shenzhen, KS ENERGY green solar and lithium battery products have been sold to clients all over the world.

2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah

Since 2006, KS ENERGY has maintained a corporate philosophy that is characterized by entrepreneurship, innovation, competition and transcendence. Today KS has established a solid foundation in two major industries: photovoltaic and Lithium, with its four production bases in Shangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong.


2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah


2018 New Lithium Battery 12v 100Ah

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